About Me

I am a Registered Psychologist and Canadian Certified Counsellor who operates a private practice in the heart of Edmonton, just off Whyte avenue. I’ve been providing psychotherapy and assessments since 2014 and became fully licensed for independent practice in 2018. 

I practice in the style of Carl Rogers, setting all our work on a foundation of person-centered therapy. This means that I believe in being non-judgmental , empathetic, and genuine in all my sessions. Human beings have an incredible natural ability to heal and my approach to therapy helps move barriers to healing out of the way. I also frequently use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with clients, as it is a scientifically proven and powerful avenue for change. This approach blends behavioural science with theories about the mind to help people change how they think, how they relate to others and the world, and how they ultimately feel. 

My Education

In school, I completed an honors degree in psychology, a program specializing in pure psychology as well as research. My research focused on mindfulness, dreams, and virtual reality, and it continued after graduation and into my master's program. I've always been fascinated by the phenomenons of consciousness and mindfulness - and that has proved very helpful in a therapy sessions!

Since graduating, my interests have led me to become certified in EMDR for addressing past traumas, as well as Emotion Focused Therapy to help shift deep and challenging emotions.

My Goals

I want everyone I see to have a comfortable and helpful experience with therapy. I believe this means being collaborative and as clear as possible every step of the way. After all, therapy is about you more than anything else.

I also believe that, while every situation and person is unique, we can have a major advantage by studying up-to-date research. Therefore, I am a lifelong learner with goals for continuing my education, evaluating therapeutic approaches, and seeking more and more information to help other people with. I try to be as informed about research as possible so that I may be of more service to my clients.